The Worst Weather On Earth

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This boosts the odds that incompatible weather systems — say, cool, dry air from the Canadian Rockies, and wet, warm air from the Gulf of Mexico — will meet and cause chaos. The mountain's location as the meeting point for three different weather patterns isn't enough to make it as extreme as it is, though.

As wind speeds hit the range and are forced upwards, they speed up and drop much of their moisture. In , observers watched as a storm system over the western Great Lakes headed east, and a batch of energy off the coast of North Carolina rolled up the coast.

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Simultaneously, high pressure sat over Eastern Canada and the North Atlantic, forcing both systems to meet squarely over New England. Mount Washington, sticking above the region like a sore thumb, was directly in the crosshairs of what would be a world record wind. In , Mount Washington lost its wind record when scientists found data recorded during Australia's Tropical Cyclone Olivia from a remote weather station that showed a wind speed of miles per hour. While Mount Washington might not still have the world record wind speed, its consistent penchant for high winds, frigid cold, and deep snow still make it some of the world's worst weather.

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    5 Cities with Worst Climate in the World

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    15. Cambodia

    Meteorological Meeting Point. Written by Ryan Wichelns October 23, Wake up with the smartest email in your inbox. Our Best Articles Daily. Heck, we hardly even have to worry about lighting, like they do in Colorado where I was nearly hit playing it at the Broadmoor. Maybe it is exactly because our ecosystem is so tame, full of cows and little mountains, that Yankees have been so proud of the abhorrent conditions atop Mt.

    Washington, the highest in the northeast at just feet, lass then half what the high peaks of Colorado reach, a third of the height of Kilimanjaro, less than a fourth of Everest. Yet because of its unusual position in the jet stream, and ebbing taller than anything around it, weather here runs amuck, and the non-profit Mt. There are many reasons for the claim, including the fact that hapless hikers have died of hypothermia on the little mountain, which takes less than three hours to summit, every single month of the year, even in the dog days of summer.

    Hurricane force winds hit the peak more than days annually, along with year round snow, freezing rain, sleet and fog that rolls in without warning. Meanwhile, almost exactly on the other side of the planet, Australia is best known for beaches, surfing, shark attacks, cute accents, beer and most of all, great golf.

    That is the same Royal Melbourne that is now famous for being the last place Tiger Woods played — and of course won — before disappearing of the face of the earth.