The Aviators Wife: A Novel

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Loved learning more about Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her role as a pioneer in aviation history.

The Aviator's Wife

Was disappointed about some of the startling facts she shared about Charles Lindbergh. I have read ALL of Anne Morrow's published books, as well as those of her daughter, Reeve Morrow, which brought insight as to her parents' relationship. I would highly recommend Reeve and Ms. Hertog's books. Ms Hertog spent five years researching Anne's life, complete with many interviews with Anne herself and access to personal family papers. I have not read Benjamin's book, nor do I care to do so.

If you want the true story, please read Ms. Hertog's excellent book, as well as Reeve's and Anne's own diaries. I enjoyed the book and found the writing competent. It was not easy for a woman from that era to stand out for herself. I learned about the Lindberghs. Benjamin states in a note at the end that the fictional part is all in the emotions of the characters - I find her account realistic. She writes that even journals and autobiographies are self-censored when it comes to emotions, and I find her exploration into the emotions of Charles and Anne to be competently developed.

The Aviator's Wife

Benjamin is a good writer of historical fiction and I follow her publications with interest. This is the worst book I have read in a long time.

THE AVIATOR'S WIFE by Melanie Benjamin | Kirkus Reviews

If you want to read about either of the Lindbergh's lives I would recommend reading a non-fiction book. The writing is overwrought and under-edited. I would have quit reading it at chapter 2, as others mentioned, except it was for a book club. So I forced myself to finish it. I'm not sure I understand the author's attempt to try to make Anne a sympathetic fictional character in light of the choices Anne made.

Certainly, divorce wasn't as common as it is now, but she had the means to leave Charles. Only Anne can tell us which it was. It is beyond presumptuous for the author to speak for Anne on these sorts of topics. The Aviator's Wife was difficult to get through.

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Don't get me wrong- it's well-written, although sometimes the leaps in time and mental meanderings confused me. It's filled with emotion, and you get a good grasp of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's voice. But the characters Okay, first, a disclaimer: I know very little about the Lindberghs.

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As the author's note in the back says, most of us recognize the name but not many truly knew the couple. So I didn't have moments of bubbles being bursted for me, but watching poor Anne's bubble burst was painful. Mostly, Anne reminded me of my grandmother- a smart, educated, talented woman who became a doormat to her controlling, bullying husband. Considering the similarities, I assume this passivity is not fully a character flaw, but a societal expectation that guided women like Anne and my grandmother into such unhappy states.

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  4. Badly done, society, badly done. Because Charles Lindbergh in this novel, and by all public accounts was a cold, bullying, pigheaded asshole.

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    Talented, and perhaps too self-vindicated by the hero worship an entire nation heaped upon him, but still an asshole. And reading this book will make you gnash your teeth about it. There were times I didn't care much for Anne, either, but most of the book I was confounded how a woman who wrote Gift from the Sea could stay in this horrible, horrible relationship.

    Like a graceful flight in itself, you soar to the illusory heights of fame only to be plunged back to earthly despair. This novel is a superb example of how well-crafted historical fiction can bring people and events from the past to life in a vivid and believable way that nonfiction can never quite achieve. In a word — magnificent.

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    Toggle navigation. Browse our magazines Submit your novel for review. All articles Browse by Tag Browse Guides. Details Editors' Choice. All this was in the back of my mind when I started research for my novel.

    My other two novels were set in Victorian times, and I wanted something a little more modern. It was a delight to find out about her aviation experiences and bring those to readers. I was also fascinated to find out about the difficulties of that marriage. It was absolutely not what people thought it was. ArtsATL: Their marriage is fascinating, and she discovers so much about herself as a result of her relationship with Charles. Benjamin: Yes, their marriage is fascinating. Anne should be a famous person in her own right, but it was the relationship that fascinated me, not their individual stories.

    It was their marriage that made the book for me. Still, there was a deep bond there. They relied on each other so completely in the early years of their marriage and through the kidnapping — again, when it was just the two of them. I saw this as a relationship that was hard to break from. They had been through so much together, and only the two of them understood it.

    I read everything that comes along, particularly history but also fiction. I go to museums. I love movies. I have to have sympathy for the person, have to be able to imagine myself in her shoes, in her time.