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They lived under appalling conditions, with no daylight, little sleep, food or proper sanitation.

The Origins of Slavery | Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Many were executed for attempted sabotage. Eyewitness accounts describe prisoners being hanged from cranes above the rocket assembly lines. Despite his complicity in the conditions at Mittelwerk, the engineer who designed the V2, Wernher von Braun, came to be feted as a hero of the space age. The Allies realised that the V2 was a machine, unlike anything they had developed themselves.

At the heart of the V2 was a powerful motor capable of taking the rocket more than 80km 50 miles above the Earth in a trajectory of some km miles. V2 rockets killed or injured thousands during a six-month reign of terror Getty Images. One of the most important new technologies developed for the V2 was an automatic guidance system, which operated independently of controllers on the ground. Any deviations in course and rudders fitted to the fins on the side of the rocket would automatically adjust the heading and trajectory to keep it on target.

Not surprisingly, when the war ended, the Americans, Soviets and British scrambled to get their hands on V2 technology. With no desire to work for Stalin, Von Braun made a shrewd decision to surrender to the Americans, while the Russians got their hands on the V2 factory and test range. And they had Von Braun.

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The Bell shaped MA – 6 capsule stood at 9 ft high and 6 ft across at the base.

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Space Station Slaves 7

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Mom got work as a technician in a couple of medical labs.

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We barely saw them, and when we did they were often exhausted and snappish. Mom would come home and upbraid Lola for not cleaning the house well enough or for forgetting to bring in the mail. An idiot could remember. When Dad raised his voice, everyone in the house shrank. Sometimes my parents would team up until Lola broke down crying, almost as though that was their goal. It confused me: My parents were good to my siblings and me, and we loved them.

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By then Arthur, eight years my senior, had been seething for a long time. He was the one who introduced the word slave into my understanding of what Lola was. Toiled every day. Was tongue-lashed for sitting too long or falling asleep too early. Was struck for talking back. Wore hand-me-downs. Ate scraps and leftovers by herself in the kitchen. Rarely left the house. Had no friends or hobbies outside the family. Had no private quarters. She often slept among piles of laundry. Pompey, go find the doctor. Get on back to work, Pompey! Tom forbids Pompey from attending school but opens the way for Pompey to drink in a whites-only saloon.

Near the end, Pompey saves his master from a fire. I remember thinking: Lola is Pompey, Pompey is Lola. One night when Dad found out that my sister Ling, who was then 9, had missed dinner, he barked at Lola for being lazy. Her feeble defense only made him angrier, and he punched her just below the shoulder.

Lola ran out of the room and I could hear her wailing, an animal cry. My parents turned to look at me. They seemed startled. I was It was my first attempt to stick up for the woman who spent her days watching over me. The woman who used to hum Tagalog melodies as she rocked me to sleep, and when I got older would dress and feed me and walk me to school in the mornings and pick me up in the afternoons.

Once, when I was sick for a long time and too weak to eat, she chewed my food for me and put the small pieces in my mouth to swallow. One summer when I had plaster casts on both legs I had problem joints , she bathed me with a washcloth, brought medicine in the middle of the night, and helped me through months of rehabilitation. I was cranky through it all.