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The Plateau problem

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Soap bubbles - PUSTEFIX

Epub Dec METHODS: The aim of the present study is to assess the effectiveness of soap bubbles as a distraction technique for the management of anxiety, fear, and pain in children waiting for a medical examination at the paediatric emergency room. RESULTS: The children in the experimental group showed a significant reduction of perceived pain while waiting for the medical examination T1 , whereas no difference was found after the medical examination T2.

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Some wavelengths colours cancel each other out, while others are reinforced. The bubble wall is actually a thin film of water, protected from collapsing by a layer of detergent molecules on each side. And which colours are reinforced depends on the thickness of the water film. Isaac Newton noticed the same thing one day when taking a bath and turned the observation to good use by setting up an experiment where all of the water eventually drained from the top of the bubble.

By following the change in the colours, Newton was able to calculate the size of the detergent molecules — a truly remarkable achievement. Sign up to receive our newsletter!

A layer of soap bubbles remembers its past

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