Rapport intime (LITT.GENERALE) (French Edition)

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Jules Rosette Giraud p. Constant A former Member of the French parliament, Pierre Petit, embodies, along with other politicians, this strategy. Marie p. The SPD is a planning document that collects the financial funds from the EU, the State and the territorial institutions. It serves as a six-year guide of public interventions. The program is specifically designed to help promote greater economic, social and regional cohesion and integration in the cooperation area, particularly with neighboring countries and regions, in order to bring about sustainable, balanced development.

These aims are in line with the economic integration objectives for the area proposed under the regional programs of the European Development Fund EDF. Cooperation with neighboring countries and regions will have to be coordinated closely with organizations working in the area, particularly the Association of Caribbean States and the Caribbean Forum.

This tendency has been maintained during recent years, even if the contribution of the private sector to the growth of GDP seems to have increased in value. The GDP of Guadeloupe has grown on average by 4. Fragonard et alii, , p. IEDOM p. Carole But from the beginning of the s, the economic and social situation once again deteriorated, bringing with it a new increase in social expenditure. These categories are mainly unemployed or underemployed persons who do not receive unemployment benefit.

See Daniel and Dokoui, Nicolas p. Idem: p. Lise and M. Tamaya p. We refer in particular to the prefectorial institution that was perceived at the beginning to be the resurgence of colonial rule. The most significant example is the informal economy.

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See, for example, K. Sutton p. They denounce a very restrictive mode of delivery for visas, which is due in particular to the fight against clandestine immigration and the limited competence granted to local officials. Browne, K. Carole, M. Constant, F.

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Daniel, J. In: Fred Constant F. In: Aaron A. In: Bissessar A.

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Fragonard, B. Giraud, M. In: Daniel J. La Guadeloupe en Rapport annuel. Paris, Lise, C.

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  • Rapport au Premier minister. Marie, C-V. Martin, D-C. Mauss, M. Rosanvallon, P. Sutton, P. In: Les Temps Modernes , 39, no. Name required. Email Address required. Home About. Table 2 — Foreigners residing in Martinique in Table 9 — Evolution of public highway crime. You May Also Like.

    Met Corinne Hofman. Omgaan met diversiteit en meertaligheid in het basisonderwijs. Category: Dutch Colonial History.

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    Please leave these two fields as-is:. To be able to proceed, you need to solve the following simple math so we know that you are a human Search this site Search for:. Rozenberg Quarterly aims to be a platform for academics, scientists, journalists, authors and artists, in order to offer background information and scholarly reflections that contribute to mutual understanding and dialogue in a seemingly divided world. Palate: Similar to the nose, with cinnamon and raisins to complement the typical Jamaican funkiness. Not exceedingly sweet, but rich and creamy.

    Chamomile, aromatic herbs. Comment: Intensity and velvety refinement. A muscular but chewy and smooth rum, where the British style is slightly tamed by the Oloroso casks. Case Price: Palate: Light bodied but slightly unctuous. The sugarcane sweetness dominates without ever being cloying.

    Sabine Weiss (photographer)

    Acacia honey, sun-dried raisins, milk chocolate. A hint of orange and apricot. Comment: Straightforward and accessible, ideal for novices of rum or simply drinkers who prefer the easy-going and sweet Latin style. The master of the rums, Santa Teresa is the ultra-Premium anejo that has been named the best rum in the old by international juries. Ron de Solera.

    In the Solera oak barrels are set in four rows one above the other. There, through the Solera process the rum makes a long journey: the crianza decants by cascade through the layers of barrels, ending as the final crianza in large French oak vats. Thus as it slowly moves from barrel to barrel, it achieves its matures, balanced body, and the perfect ageing roundness that makes Santa Teresa distinctive and inimitable.

    The mother rum, an aged elixir, more than 25 years old, is blended crianza. Once the rum achieves its desired maturity, one by one portion , until the rum reaches the fourth row of barrels, close to the ground. This crianza gives Santa Teresa its freshness, equilibrium, strength and a good portion of its unrivaled maturity. Once the progression of cascade decanting is done, only a portion of the rum on the fourth row of barrels is taken to a second process: the slow and calmly final crianza in large oak vats, when the maturity process is completed.

    Launched in to celebrate the th anniversary of Haciandea Santa Teresa, this rum represents a proud years tradition and summarizes the generosity of this land where we grow the sugar cane, distill the alcohol and age and bottle our internationally renowned Ron de Venezuela. Santa Teresas Premium rum par excellence, Selecto is the result of a careful blend of up to 10 years of ageing that combines the smoothness that only experts can achieve, along with a tasteful and exciting avant-garde note. Its silky body arises from a blend of light and heavy rums. Ageing in white oak barrels gives Selecto the splendor of its characteristic amber color.

    Selecto appeals to a sophisticated generation that celebrates success with quality, and gives whole new dimensions to a category that is only just beginning to be discovered. A family company whose purpose is to lead the category of premium rums in the world. Santa Teresa Bicentenario Rum is the only aged rum that is produced in its entirety with the long-standing Solera method, an artisanal process using oak barrels that had been traditionally reserved for Spanish sherry and brandy.

    This round and firm-bodied rum is delicate with a complex and mellow flavor.

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    It is best enjoyed on its own in a Riedel rum glass or with mineral water. TASTE: With a mellow yet complex flavor, this rum offers tobacco and leather notes, toasted and smoky. The rounded rum offers a balance that can only be achieved through the Solera method. It is full-bodied while remaining delicate, elegant and velvety. The end evokes attributes borrowed from the oaks in which it aged. Lucia Distillers was formed out of the merging of the Dennery distillery and the Roseau Distillery. This history with line drawings is represented on the label and outer box of the brand.

    Every year the label colour will change and the passing of every year will be reflected in the updating of the labeling, closure coin, bar code and outer packaging. Each bottle is individually numbered. On the palate dry at first then opens up to display great depth and complexity.