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Neighbourly dispute worsened by mental health issues

Not stronger I say, but distinct. I don't imagine it will change. It will simply make it so those who partake in marijuana are no longer criminals. It's likely that those who don't smoke currently will not smoke once weed is legal. Cigarettes I can handle; to me, pot smoke smells like someone's lit a dead skunk on fire and the smell of buds makes me nauseous.

Pot smokers need to understand that we are entering a sensitive new phase in Canadian social life.

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And there are people — many, many good people — who remain genuinely afraid of pot and those who consume it. We need to respect the ignorant unjustified irrational fear of the olds who still fear the weed.

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Sure we do. At least until they die off.

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Man that guy must be stoned all the time! Is he out there all the time or five minutes every couple days. Nieibors don't agree sometimes and sometimes you have to be an adult.

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  • It is really quite irritating. We moved into our house here in rural Alberta 5 years ago. Some time along the way some pot smokers moved in a couple lots down the street. Since then not a whole week has passed without the smell of pot enveloping the street. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely fine with pot legalization and all, and I think it will help a lot of people including myself, but there are other ways of ingesting cannabis products outside of smoking it and making the neighbourhood stink.

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    Smoking is the cheapest and easiest way to consume it, so unfortunately despite the drawbacks it's likely to remain the method of choice for most. What did 15 newly arrived Rastafarians move into your neighborhood? How much fucking weed do you have to smoke to stink up an entire block?

    Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Pot-smoking neighbour complaint is about courtesy: Ethically Speaking. Ask him to not smoke near your door? Handle it like any other neighbour issue. Continue this thread.

    I endure the stench of tobacco, I can't tell my neighbours not to smoke on their porch I endure the stench of cooking in the halls of the condo building I lived in I deal with smelly people on the bus, in public and at work So smelling weed isn't gonna kill ya. So, be courteous.

    How neighbourly are you?

    You know what it is when you smell it. Initially yes, but it dissipates faster than cigarette smoke.


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    I know you're being facetious, but in all reality, fuck em. The sense of haplessness is shared by the woman's husband, who said he wants to admit her into mental institutions or nursing homes but cannot do so for various reasons. The husband, who wants to be known only as Mr Foo, revealed that his wife suffers from schizophrenia that has worsened with age. The year-old beverages specialist said his wife used to live in Toa Payoh Lorong 8, where Mr Neo lives, and when she sees Mr Neo's mother, "she would 'recall' how the older woman 'mistreated' her in the past".

    Mr Foo and his wife now live in Lorong 1. She needs to occupy her mind," added Mr Foo. She has since been discharged and now visits a psychiatrist every month, Mr Foo said. While he wants to put his wife in a nursing home, Mr Foo said the waiting time is long. Experts say that although there are sufficient safeguards to support these individuals in living in the community, cases like Mrs Foo's where mental health patients could pose some degree of safety risks to others may not be isolated.

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    They add too that more can be done to prevent repeated, minor offences from escalating into violence if the situation is aggravated. The Straits Times understands that after the arrest, she was referred to IMH for an assessment, and discharged later on the basis that her condition was not serious enough and she could continue to live at home. Criminal lawyer Shashi Nathan said non-arrestable offences could lead to an arrest and charge if an offender commits the acts repeatedly, or poses a danger to society.

    He said the police and courts take a "considered approach" for offenders with mental health issues. This includes the option of community-based sentences, which could involve a mandatory treatment order. While there are no figures on arrests under the Mental Health Act, volunteers were activated times last year for police interviews with people with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues.

    Arrests under the act are usually referred to IMH with no further police action, said the police. A doctor then decides if admission should be voluntary or mandated - after checking if there is a risk of harm to the offender or others around them. The doctor also assesses if the offender's issues can be addressed in emergency service instead, with follow-ups in outpatient clinics and via community support, he added.