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Dylan's songs have guided me from young aimless angst to a hope that is being born.

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Whatever he was singing about, I always felt like Dylan made me a believer. As the author himself says, 'Why bet against Dylan having a place at that heavenly welcome table? Scott Marshall provides a balanced, comprehensive account of the Nobel Prize winner's spiritual life--a mysterious journey of biblical proportions.

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As a devoted student of Dylan, I can't wait wait to see where this story leads. All things considered, it seems central to a real understanding of the maestro. Painstaking footnotes manifest the level of dedication to research. By doing so, Marshall patiently and respectfully connects the dots left behind by the artist himself over a half century recording career.

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The result is the richest, most complete understanding of Dylan the Radical Monotheist to date. Discerning a consistent theme of monotheism in Dylan's vast and divergent canon of work reflects the extraordinary passion that his spiritual biographer, Scott Marshall, brings to his subject. For nearly two decades, Marshall has been studying and writing about Dylan's religious views and spiritual odyssey; the result is this book, the bible on Dylan's religiosity and a seminal contribution to the literature on this towering cultural--and yes, spiritual--figure of our time.

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A small contribution to Derek Barker's first book. In , Barker founded the Dylan fanzine Isis, which still publishes today from England. Maybe Not," The Bridge 57 Spring , pp. Jerry Scheff," The Bridge 55 Summer , pp. Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life It is not surprising then, Dylan's words, both in his songs and in his interviews, have often touched upon biblical themes. From his apocalyptic expressions onstage and in the studio to his unapologetic biblical views that leak out during interviews, the public record of Dylan's spiritual journey makes for a fascinating story.

A curious icon of popular culture, yet distinct in his Judeo-Christian expressions, Bob Dylan doesn't fit neatly into the typical rock 'n' roll mold. Kryptonite is a metaphor for a person's weak point -- her Achilles' heel -- an idea that could serve as a class discussion point.

Selena Gomez' song, "Naturally" includes the following lyrics:. The refrain of the song "Natural" states that someone You needs a "beating" heart of stone in order to endure the suffering in the world. One song the duet sings uses the depth of water as a metaphor to figuratively describe their relationship. Water is a reoccurring symbol in literature, art, or mythology.

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Foster argues that writers employ lakes and water as a symbol of rebirth for the character, "if the character survives that is" That description linking water and survival is important since the metaphor in the song "In the Shallows" describes the ups and downs in their relationship. A refrain in the song is sung alternately by Cooper and Gaga:. Here, the woman is described as having power because of the references to the implied ability she has to strike with the force of lightning Lightning is a symbol of power, as also seen in Emma Lazarus's poem "The New Colossus" which begins:.

The reference to the imprisoned lightning in the flame of the Statue of Liberty implies her power as an ally to those who come to the shores of America. In the song, "I'm Already There," by Lonestar, a father sings the following line about his children:. These lines could lead to innumerable discussions of the relationship between parents and their children currently and throughout history.

Students could write a short essay or poem about their parents, using at least two or three metaphors to describe their relationship with their folks. The entire song by Garth Brooks called "The Dance" is a metaphor. In this song, "The Dance" is life in general and Brooks is singing about the fact that when people leave or die it might be painful but if pain were to be avoided then we would miss "The Dance.

In U2's song, "One," the band sings about love and forgiveness. It includes the following lines:.

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There's an interesting history in the notion of comparing love to the law. Love was also a metaphor for debt and even economics. Share Flipboard Email. Melissa Kelly has a master's degree in secondary education and over eight years of experience in the classroom. She is the author of four books. The love song "Perfect" sung by Ed Sheeran uses an angel metaphor to describe a woman. The sun as a metaphor is also seen in the following literary works:.

The lyrics from their duet:. Say you were made to be mine Nothing could keep us apart You'd be the one I was meant to find It's up to you, and it's up to me No one can say what we get to be So why don't we rewrite the stars? Maybe the world could be ours Tonight". The connection between sound and heartbeat infers intimacy. In the song, "One Thing," by One Direction, the lyrics include the following lines:.