Les Marionnettistes (La fine équipe t. 2) (French Edition)

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Lonely Planet. File: EPUB, Free ebooks since Disbanding party. Gather together. Just for a short time is fine. In Ordnung, wenn es nicht lange dauert. Let's try to keep the levels of our party members close. Alle Gruppenmitglieder sollten in etwa den gleichen Level haben.

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Notes: Japanese- Literally "It's best to keep the level gap small. Mitglieder suchen. Notes: Japanese- Literally " In the process of recruiting" Our party's full. Unsere Gruppe ist voll. Please assist. Bitte assistieren. Notes: Best used when you need someone or a group of people to help you with something, such as a mission or BCNM. Please invite me. Lade mich bitte ein. Notes: Since the Japanese version of this phrase does not contain a clear subject, you may also see it used as a request to invite someone else to your party.

In Japanese it makes more sense than "Invite to Join Party" and it is also more polite. Please let me join. Lass mich beitreten. Notes: This phrase in Japanese can also be translated as "Please put it in," and can have a sexual connotation, depending on other words used in the sentence.

Taking a break.

Numéros en texte intégral

Je fais une pause. Eine Pause machen. Notes: In Japanese, this means 'I'm going away from keyboard' rather than 'I'm taking a break. Notes: Japanese- Literally "Shall we play together? Turn your party flag on. Schalte deine Gruppenmarkierung ein. Who is the leader? Horutoto Inn. Note the alliteration in the English naming. The French name means 'Windurst Ramparts. Je lance un sort.

Ich bin dabei, Magie anzuwenden. Fighting right now! En plein combat!

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Have stuff to do, gotta go! Habe Sachen zu tun, muss gehen. Notes: Japanese- Literally "An errand came up just now. I don't feel well. Je ne me sens pas bien. Notes: In Japanese, the expression literally means "I'm in poor physical condition" which is slightly more vague than the English translation.

In English this is typically used to refer to nausea, but the Japanese expression for that is different. This can be used to refer to any sort of ailment, such as a simple wrist cramp. Note that Japanese players typically interpret this message as you needing a short break, not that you intend to leave the party, so be sure to make yourself clear.

I don't know. Je ne sais pas. I don't remember. Ich erinnere mich nicht. I have plans.

J'ai un rendez-vous. Notes: Japanese- "Yakusoku" literally means "appointment; promise; engagement. Ich will Erfahrungspunkte. I want to make money. Je veux gagner de l'argent. Ich will Geld verdienen. Ich bin interessiert. I'm not up for it. Je n'ai pas envie. Notes: In Japanese this means "I can't summon the strength for it ". In English this phrase is often implied to show disinterest or laziness, but that is not necessarily true for the Japanese variant which more directly implies the inability to do something regardless of interest.

I'm sleepy. J'ai sommeil. I'm tired. Notes: It is believed that this phrase refers to more of a general burnt-out condition not necessarily associated with sleep, while "I'm sleepy" means much more to be sleepy, ready to go to bed. Just used it. Je viens de l'utiliser. Habe es gerade benutzt. Time for work! C'est l'heure d'aller au travail. Zeit zu arbeiten! Can you speak English?

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Parlez-vous anglais? Kannst du Englisch sprechen? Can you speak French? Can you speak German?

Translation of "des carlins" in English

Parlez-vous allemand? Kannst du Deutsch sprechen? Can you speak Japanese? Parlez-vous japonais? Kannst du Japanisch sprechen? I can speak a little. Je parle en peu. Ich kann es ein bisschen sprechen. I can understand a little.