Learning Flex 3: Getting up to Speed with Rich Internet Applications (Adobe Developer Library)

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro with years of experience, you'll improve your work and your career with the simple and straightforward principles in The Productive Programmer. Ship It! You'll get quick, easy-to-follow advice on modernpractices: which to use, and when they should be applied.

This bookavoids current fashion trends and marketing hype; instead, readersfind page after page of solid advice, all tried and tested in thereal world. Few of the ideas presented here are controversial or extreme; most experiencedprogrammers will agree that this stuff works. Yet 50 to 70 percent of allproject teams in the U. This book will help you get started. Readerscan choose from a variety of recommended technologies according totheir skills and budgets.

The next sections outline the necessarysteps to get software out the door reliably, using well-accepted,easy-to-adopt, best-of-breed practices that really work. Finally, and most importantly, Ship It! This book is not about learning how to program JavaScript from scratch. It starts with the assumption that you have done some JavaScript development before and understand the JavaScript syntax. It uses this new understanding to describe what JavaScript libraries are and show you how they can be applied to your project. The book will also explain Ajax and how best to plan and apply it to your projects.

It explains how to build simple animation objects for adding movement to elements on the page. There are straightforward examples that demonstrate the techniques used throughout the book. JavaScript has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, and with it has come an exploration of the power of the language as well as what it can do within the browser.

This book will explain techniques new and old—such as closures, encapsulation, and inheritance—that many are using and how you can best apply them to your own projects. By reading this book, you should have a greater understanding of how JavaScript works and be able to use advanced concepts such as closures and event delegation to build more flexible applications for the Web.

You'll walk away with a greater appreciation for JavaScript libraries and how they can simplify and speed up your development. You'll also be able to implement Ajax effectively into your site, create special effects, use JavaScript libraries, and know how best to apply these libraries to your projects. Besides a useful guide to APIs, the book looks at a variety of techniques for saving session state, as well as showing how Servlets can work together to power Web sites.

You will learn performance tips and ways to get Servlets to work together like forwarding and redirection , plus the basics of database programming with JDBC, to build content with "live" data. A later chapter examines what's next for Servlets with the emerging Servlet 2.

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Importantly, the authors go over deploying and configuring Web applications by editing XML files, a must-have for successfully running Servlets in real applications. Since the first edition of this title, the choices for Java Web developers have grown much richer. Many of the new chapters in this edition look at options beyond Servlets.

The text closes with reference sections on Servlet APIs and other material that will be useful for any working developer. Although Servlets are not the only game in town, they are still important tools for successful Web development. This updated edition shows you just how to do it with plenty of basic and advanced tips for taking full advantage of this powerful Java standard.

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Need to build a web site? Or update one? Or just create some effective new web content? Maybe you just need to update your skills, do the job better. This book's for you. We'll leverage what you already know about the web, so you'll go further, faster than you ever expected. You'll master today's best practices: the real nuts and bolts, not theory or hooey. Need specific solutions?

This book's modular, visual, high-efficiency format delivers them instantly.

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Molly E. Holzschlag draws on her unparalleled experience teaching Web design and development. Dig in, get started, get results! Learn how to build web pages that'll work in any environment, on virtually any contemporary browser. Master core CSS techniques: color, images, text styles, link effects, lists, navigation, and more. Spring Into Each book in the series is designed to bring you up to speed quickly.

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Complex topics and technologies are reduced to their core components, and each component is treated with remarkable efficiency in one- or two-page spreads. Just the information you need to begin working And because the books are example-rich and easy to navigate, you'll find that they make great on-the-job references after you've mastered the basics. Griffon in Action is a comprehensive tutorial written for Java developers who want a more productive approach to UI development.

Exploring the history of Adobe Flex - dramhaimetttemi.gq overview

After a quick Groovy tutorial, you'll immediately dive into Griffon and start building examples that explore its high productivity approach to Swing development. You can think of Griffon as Grails for the desktop. Its declarative style and approachable abstractions are instantly familiar to developers using Grails or JavaFX. Griffon in Action gets you going quickly. Griffon's convention-over-configuration approach requires minimal code to get an app off the ground, so you can start seeing results immediately. Along the way, you'll explore best practices for structure, architecture, and lifecycle of a Java desktop application.

Also available is all code from the book. This informative resource provides you with detailed examples and walkthroughs that explain the best practices for creating RIAs using BlazeDS.

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  • You'll begin with the essentials of BlazeDS and then more on to more advanced topics. Along the way, you'll learn the real-world concerns that surround enterprise-based Java and Flex applications. BlazeDS enables you to connect to back-end distributed data in order to garner more responsive Rich Internet Application RIA experiences Begins with an introduction to BlazeDS, and explains the necessary features for integrating new and existing Java data sources and applications with Flex-based RIAs Provides hands-on examples and addresses real-world concerns surrounding enterprise-based Java and Flex applications Serves as a comprehensive walk through for creating RIAs using BlazeDS If you're looking to create rich, productive, and engaging applications, then this book is for you.

    Graphic Java 1. After introducing the basics of the AWT library, the author looks at simple painting and 2-D graphics. Standout sections here look at displaying images--a staple of Internet programming--as well as transforming images with "filters" such as dimming and rescaling an image. The tour of Java graphics capabilities moves on with coverage of layout managers and basic AWT components such as buttons, text fields, lists, and choices.

    For those who want to create stand-alone Java applications, there's much material on using Java menus. The book's advanced material highlights new features of JDK 1. The author also shows off his custom classes for 2-D sprite animation. You'll learn efficient techniques and best practices, and compare several frameworks and tools available for RIA development -- well beyond anything you'll find in Flex tutorials and product documentation.

    Through many practical examples, the authors impart their considerable experience to help you overcome challenges during your project's life cycle. Enterprise Development with Flex also suggests proper tools and methodologies, guidelines for determining the skill sets required for the project, and much more. Unique to the popular Grails web framework is its architecture.

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    While other frameworks are built from the ground up, Grails leverages existing and proven technologies that already have advanced functionality built in. This provides Grails a persistence solution. Apress keeps developers one step ahead by presenting key information as early as possible in a PDF of pages or less.

    This firstPress book covers Grails persistence with GORM, from defining your first model to the nature of transactions and advanced Hibernate querying. ThoughtWorks is a well-known global consulting firm; ThoughtWorkers are leaders in areas of design, architecture, SOA, testing, and agile methodologies. This collection of essays brings together contributions from well-known ThoughtWorkers such as Martin Fowler, along with other authors you may not know yet.

    While ThoughtWorks is perhaps best known for their work in the Agile community, this anthology confronts issues throughout the software development life cycle. From technology issues that transcend methodology, to issues of realizing business value from applications, you'll find it here. Grails is a full-stack web development framework that enables you to build complete web applications in a fraction of the time and with less code than other frameworks. Grails uses the principle of convention over configuration and the dynamic Groovy programming language.

    This revised and updated new edition shows you how to use Grails by iteratively building a unique, working application. By the time you're done, you'll have built and deployed a real, functioning website. Using this hands-on, pragmatic approach, you'll explore topics such as Ajax in Grails, custom tags, and plugins. You'll dig into Grails' powerful view technology, Groovy Server Pages, and see how you can easily leverage the help offered by scaffolding to create custom user interfaces faster than you would have thought possible.

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    • Along the way, you'll learn about domain classes, controllers, and GSP views. And you'll see how Grails enables you to use powerful frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. With Grails, you can get a lot done with little effort. With this book, you'll get a lot done as well. Get started with Grails today. What You Need: Grails 2 will run on any machine that supports Java. Consisting of a number of well-known open source products, JBoss is more a family of interrelated services than a single monolithic application. But, as with any tool that's as feature-rich as JBoss, there are number of pitfalls and complexities, too.

      Most developers struggle with the same issues when deploying J2EE applications on JBoss: they have trouble getting the many J2EE and JBoss deployment descriptors to work together; they have difficulty finding out how to get started; their projects don't have a packaging and deployment strategy that grows with the application; or, they find the Class Loaders confusing and don't know how to use them, which can cause problems.

      As you work through the book, you'll build a project using extensive code examples. With the help of this book, you'll:.

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      Written for Java developers who want to use JBoss on their projects, the book covers the gamut of deploying J2EE technologies on JBoss, providing a brief survey of each subject aimed at the working professional with limited time.