Holistic Medicine (21st Century Health & Wellness)

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With increased education for both the practitioners and patients, western and alternative medicine could make for a very happy pairing. Simple steps that practitioners can begin integrating in their treatments according to Livestrong.

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Health is universal. Both western and alternative medicine have strengths that would grow stronger when used in harmony. From doctors and care providers to patients, partners, payers, and everyone in between, we are elevating healthcare management in ways that were previously not possible. Care Angel.

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Promoted Generate More Revenue: The Definitive Guide to Population Health and Care Management From doctors and care providers to patients, partners, payers, and everyone in between, we are elevating healthcare management in ways that were previously not possible. Clair Shores, MI area since Complete wellness services using holistic solutions of 21st century healthcare to help you look and feel your best.

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  • Whole-Person Wellness – A 21st Century Solution.

Call today to book your appointment for a virtual or in-person appointment with Dr. Jim Osiwala: Health for Life Wellness Center provides twenty-first century holistic solutions in St.

Clair Shores, Michigan for patients to regain health and maintain a youthful lifestyle. Our office specializes in creating pain-free living for each patient focusing on the root cause of conditions. Our programs are drug-free and non-surgical in nature and we apply technology and scientific breakthroughs to restore function and wellness to the body. We treat unresolved health issues which may be the result of a combination of health conditions.

We help patients with arthritis, back pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, neck pain, nerve pain, neuropathy, chronic headaches, nutritional testing and counseling, allergies, hormone imbalances, thyroid conditions, fibromyalgia, Type II diabetes, and weight management.

Today, most Americans live an overly complicated life. There’s too much pressure to live up […]

Health for Life Wellness Center is the St. Clair Shores holistic medicine practitioner that can help resolve heath issues.

These centers focus on healing and preventing chronic disease and cancer.

Yet, these views can be generalized into two basic perspectives — holistic and mechanistic. For much of human history, the conception of health has been holistic — focusing on the totality of the human being, rather than looking for the root cause of an illness within a particular organ or bodily function.

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In tribal societies, to this day, when someone is sick, no distinctions are made between body, mind, and spirit. An illness represents a disruption in the proper natural balance of things, and the individual is likely to be brought back into balance through the use of herbs, spiritual rituals, and energetic purification. The mechanistic point of view, which rose to prominence in the Western world along with industrialism, perceives the body as a machine.

Holistic Medicine 21st Century Health And Wellness

Symptoms of diseases are singled out for direct treatment, and the causes underlying the disorders are assigned to malfunctioning processes in the body. This viewpoint, at least at first glance, seems the most scientific — isolating and quantifying everything according to its separate form and function. In the 20th century especially, attempts were made by the medical establishment — which advocates the management of symptoms through pharmaceuticals and other scientifically validated treatments — to limit the practice of more holistic approaches to health, such as naturopathy.

In the 21st century, our health care professionals have arrived at something of an uncomfortable truce. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mehmet Oz, receive only occasional derision from the American Medical Association. Part of the reason for this reluctant acceptance is simple.

On Feeling Well: A Brief History of Wellness and the Brain

While a mechanistic view may continue to be the preferred Western approach, the lines between East and West are no longer as definite as they once were. At that point, its use increased exponentially, right alongside the soaring interest in Eastern perspectives. The Eastern take on medicine is essentially a highly developed, holistic view of human health. As such, there is no concrete separation between mind, body, and soul.