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Although logs are in the burn chamber, leading log boilers can control the burn rate automatically by motorised valves called primary and secondary air actuators.

They close off to reduce air intake to the fire, decreasing the ferocity of the burn and making the fuel last longer. Pellet boilers are often smaller and more compact than traditional log boilers, delivering more energy and can easily have fully automated fuel delivery. Wood pellets, which have usually been manufactured from by-products of various wood industries, are sucked into the boiler through a vacuum tube which can pull pellets from up to 20 metres away, giving great flexibility with the placement of a fuel store compared to woodchip.

As the ash is removed automatically and is minimal in nature, a wood pellet boiler is a clean, reliable and convenient way to heat your property. Pellet systems are generally fully-automated, with the pellets sucked by vacuum straight into the boiler from the store.

Within a wood chip installation the boiler is installed adjacent to a chip store where an agitator will move the chip through to the boiler via an auger. Wood chip is timber that has been shredded in a chipper. It is an easy fuel for automation, with a conveyor belt or screw-feed taking the chips straight from the store into the boiler.

Chip systems are inexpensive to run, however, initial capital outlay is slightly greater than pellet solutions. This is because it has some additional parts to provide fuel delivery from store to boiler. A biomass boiler will start on demand according to your pre-determined time settings in much the same way as a conventional gas boiler would.

Biomass Boilers can reduce your annual heating and hot water bills against fossil fuel alternatives and often pay for themselves within the grant period set out within the Renewable Heat Incentive 7 years of payments for a domestic property. However, each and every property is different so upfront cost, bill reduction and your ROI is never going to be a one answer fits all.

The best way to find out how much a Biomass Boiler can reduce your heating and hot water bills is to speak to us directly for a free no obligation quote. The RHI is a Government backed scheme which pays the owner of a renewable technology, such as a heat pump, for generating renewable energy on site.

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To qualify for these quarterly payments, which last seven years, you will need to use an MCS accredited company — such as Ecovision — and ensure your MCS accredited product is installed to MCS standards. The MCS Microgeneration Certification Scheme is there to ensure the system is safely installed by professionally qualified installers and performs to the standards required by the Government. Learn more about the Renewable Heat Incentive here…. We will of course ensure you have all the required paperwork to successfully complete this; this is supplied as part of your handover pack and we will be on hand to help at any point throughout the process.

Learn more about the applying to the Renewable Heat Incentive here…. Or make your RHI application directly here….

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Pellets are delivered via tanker and are blown into the store through trunks similar to the bagged pellet store above. The corners of the floor are angled to channel the pellets to an auger in the middle of the floor. Hopper If internal space is at a premium at the site, it is possible to install a manually stocked external hopper.

This plastic weatherproof hopper allows manual filling through a hole at the top where the lid comes off. Pellets are purchased in bags which can increase the cost and they need handling rather than blowing. Delivery method of bought wood has a pronounced impact on cost and this must be taken into consideration when planning a biomass solution.

It is not possible to predict the price of any energy source into the future. These prices are intended for guidance only and represent the typical cost per unit of fuel energy for comparison. This is not the same as cost per unit of delivered heat which will depend on the efficiency of the boiler or stove, and may also include other charges such as service and maintenance for heat supply contracts.

Biomass boilers

They also do not represent either the very lowest price you might achieve by extensive shopping around, or the highest prices on offer. DECC produced an indicative forecast in based on four scenarios of possible woodchip and wood pellet prices from UK produced and imported sources looking out to Biomass boilers should be kept clean and swept regularly to remove ash.

Ash quantities are generally very low less than one per cent of fuel volume , but you will still need to empty the ash bin of a wood burning stove or boiler. Some appliances, particularly boilers, have self-cleaning systems which will collect ash from the combustion grate and the heat exchanger tubes.

The benefits of biomass heating

If there is no automatic ash cleaning mechanism in place the boiler will need to be shut down periodically so that this can be done by hand. If the ash is not cleaned out regularly, it will build up and adversely affect combustion conditions, which can lead to boiler failure and shut down. Some boilers have a mechanism for compressing the ash which reduces the number of times the ash bin needs to be emptied. With automatic ash removal and cleaning of the heat exchanger the only other maintenance requirement will be occasional ash removal and regular maintenance check.

The chimney and flue pipe must be swept regularly to remove all soot deposits and prevent blockage. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The key consideration for a biomass boiler system is the availability of fuel. If there is a ready fuel source on site, a biomass boiler becomes a very feasible option.

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  5. If there is no fuel source, it will all depend on the availability of a supplier in your area. Use the National Biofuel Supply Database to find suppliers in your area. If buying it in, deliveries of biomass will be required so there needs to be straight forward access to the fuel store. Forever Fuels have produced this handy guide to fuel deliveries. Can a tanker get up your driveway? Is the fuel store going to be within reach of the pipes when blowing the fuel?

    Fuel storage is a major consideration. You will need to store enough biomass to keep the boiler running between deliveries if you are buying it in. If you are making your own wood chip, you will need much more space to dry it all out. See the fuel types section above. All biomass boilers require a flue to be run out of the boiler location to the outside air.

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    Usually this comes out of the roof unlike gas boilers that can flue out of a wall. For most houses installing a flue is seen as permitted development by the planers, but for a listed building your will need to secure planning permission before you can proceed.

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    Biomass boilers. Overview Biomass boilers are heating systems that use the combustion of organic matter to provide heating and hot water. How Biomass Boiler Systems work There are many different fuel sources classed as biomass. Wood-fuelled heating systems biomass systems burn wood pellets, chips, logs or straw bales to provide heat for industrial processes, non domestic and domestic heating. Perthshire Biofuels can install a biomass system to suit your needs, from industrial commercial scale systems down to 10KW domestic installations.

    Biomass can help to combat climate change and meet the targets set by The Scottish Government. It comes with numerous benefits; from reducing pollution and associated health care costs to strengthening and diversifying the local economy by shifting to renewable energy.

    What is a biomass boiler?

    There are real financial benefits to biomass. Payments under the RHI scheme are provided to cover the financial capital costs associated with renewable heat technologies by covering the difference in upfront capital and ongoing costs between renewable and conventional heat.

    Following system installation, for every KW of heat used, a quarterly subsidy payment will be made. Biomass fuel is significantly cheaper than other forms of fossil fuel so you will benefit immediately from lower fuel bills.

    Using a higher efficiency boiler can reduce your energy usage by a third. Logs are obtained directly from trees, with minimum processing involved. The drier the logs, the hotter the fire and the less smoke and tar will be produced. Log boilers have to be filled with wood manually; most pellet and chip burners use automatic fuel feeders which refill them at regular intervals. Logs require considerably more work, and you will need a significant fuelstock storage and handling area.

    Logs can be cheaper than pellets if you have a good local supply. Derived from wood by-products from saw mills and wood manufacturing.