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But Ori dreamt not of ships but the dark bowels of cinema halls. Where did they go? Where were they showing Back to the Future? He wanted to hug Mummum, bury his head in her neck along which green veins stood out like fault lines on an ancient rock. The grandfather clock struck ten-thirty. His mother was still not home. He felt his eyes well up with tears. There was a scraggly knot of boys from the senior classes in school who claimed to know all about the cinema-halls in central Calcutta.

About every movie they showed, even the booze they served in the attached pubs. Sometimes they would scurry into the darkness and sit behind the couples. The stuff you see there is hotter than porn.

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The movie on screen? They have no idea. The acrid smell of Filter Wills cigarettes clogged his brain. Shruti never smoked. And nobody could smoke inside the hall. But Abir was always coated with the smell. How long was the movie? Was it just the two of them there?

Did anybody else go with them? Did the scraggly knot of boys sit behind them, mesmerized? Nausea shot through his blood like an electric current.